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I am the kitten intake coordinator for a local no kill animal rescue. My main blog is mostly about that work though other parts of my life sneak in (especially the books I read). My movie blog contains reviews of all the movies I have watched in the past four years.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Why a movie blog?

I love movies and watch a heck of a lot of them. I have been keeping a list and writing a short review of them for the last four years. I figured I might as well post them online. Maybe someone else can get a reccomendation for a movie to watch or one to avoid at all costs. I'll be posting them from the beginning of when I started keeping track.

Keep in mind these are my personal opinions. You may hate the movie I loved or think the movie I despised is the greatest movie ever. That's the great thing about's all about personal choice.

So enjoy!



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